I’m throwing my arms around Lausanne


A young Morrissey hit the stage for more than 80 minutes at the renewed Métropole this Sunday. A show that will stay in people’s minds for a long time because the singer showed his best musical assets with energy with a collection of his tunes from all his solo albums and three Smiths’ songs. Here’s my review.

« Le concert à Lausanne » took place. What a relief ! I almost won a ton of bets… Well I would have had to bet. People of my gang were wondering if « Morrissey in Lausanne » was just a recurrent illusion, a dream that could not be true, a fantasy of some fans like me who like to have that kind of fantasies in their daily normal life. Not only it was true this time, but it seemed completely natural. See Morrissey is back and forth in Lausanne as a resident like Bowie before… He…

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